06 Aug

4 Bad Habits for Event Management Pros to Avoid

Bad habits of event management pros

How Event Management Pros Can Overcome These Pitfalls

Call these bad event management habits, or call these bad life habits in general. Either way, these are common pitfalls that we all should avoid, and in doing so, become better managers and more successful career professionals.

1. Lack of Focus

Disciplining yourself to think intently on the task at hand is critical to success, especially when others are counting on your guidance. How many times have you noticed yourself begin to shift priorities without necessarily meaning to, as a result of being scatterbrained?

SOLUTION: maintain an ordered list of your priorities and STICK TO IT. Don’t allow yourself to break away from these priorities in the name of distraction.

2. Poor Planning

Taking a step back from our previous point, this chain of bad habits really starts with the planning phase. Event managers are in a no-win situation if the planning was done all wrong, as their best efforts will feel like a massive waste of time.

SOLUTION: get on the same page with your event planners long before you step in to oversee the day-to-day operations of your event. Otherwise, you’ll be grasping at straws from the outset.

3. Not Listening to Input

Sure it’s important that you take charge and lead your team towards an established set of goals. That being said, event management is also about absorbing input from others. It’s how we grow and become better.

SOLUTION: recognize that you don’t have all the answers. Even though you’re managing the operation and providing overarching guidance towards producing the desired outcome, don’t be fearful of collecting thoughts from your team. a) it’s a good way to build trust and encourage teamwork, and b) they just might an idea that transforms your operation for the better.

4. Miscalculating Resources

Event management 101 = know your budget. This is true whether you’re planning a small office party or a large-scale London city event. How does one get on the same page money wise with the event planners, venue organisers, and event resources providers?

SOLUTION: managers must establish their budgetary constraints prior to getting their work underway. If you’re in the middle of setting up the event when you realise you’ve gone way over budget, it’s too late. Keep that spreadsheet with your budget details close by and STICK TO IT.

The underlying idea uniting these bad habits is the need for organisation. The sooner you get organised, the smoother your event management process will become.

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