18 Feb

Business Communication in Events

Communication is Imperative in The Event Industry


You talk to your staff, your vendors, and contractors and most importantly, your clients. Being an excellent business communicator, with an understanding of evolving trends will be important.

Huffingtonpost.ca through an article of Evan Thompson talks about business communication trends in 2017.  Let me bring it to the realm of the event industry.

Everything is going virtual.

You are in the UK and your provider is in Australia, possible? YES. The buzzword for business communications in the next coming years is VIRTUAL. Can’t find something in your native country for your event? You sure can find it in some part of the world. The challenge is that the transaction and everything else is online. TRUST becomes an important element and building it is a skill. But hey, the opportunities now are endless. You can turn this to your advantage by making your services go global. Invest on technology that allows you to translate your event niche to that to someone from halfway across the globe.

MONEY is going to be easy.

Financial Technology or “FinTech” is the buzzword. You have Paypal. You can be paid from anywhere, in your denomination and vice-versa. The emergence of financial tools that allow the transfer of funds online will make it easier for transactions to happen while increasing the need to talk in cyberspace. Iron out that contract over Skype and wire that payment to your bank account within the next couple of hours or even minutes. It will change the way we talk about our finances.

E-commerce vs CRM

BOLD PREDICTION: There will come a time that your neighborhood branch will cease to exist. The entire neighborhood will exist online. With the ease of doing everything over the computer, would it make sense to go to the actual establishment? While stores and offices aim to provide that human experience which customers find enticing, it’s to battle every person’s lazy doppelganger.

Live Video

Everything will be done and communicated over videos. Your meetings now are done over Skype or even Facetime. It will now be creating immersive experiences over videos to close that pitch to a prospective client. A more detailed view of the event venue may be required so that your vendor understands what you need. Whatever it means for you, live video interaction may heighten your communication or bring it to shambles depending on how you use it.

All in all, clients will continue to look for excellent events, immersive experiences and clear communication lines from their event professionals. Considering these trends may help you get to them successfully.

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