18 Apr

Event Marketing – Making The Most of a Captive Audience

Event Marketing The Right Way

The marketing of events has become a much-studied art. But are organisers always making the most of that most precious of audiences, the captive one?

In this post we take a look at how events can stay on the ball and turn event-goers into customers.

The first (and perhaps the most obvious) thing for organisers to remember is that your audience has come for the event first and foremost, they are either experts in this field, wannabe experts or enthusiasts who want to commune and share.

Which means that to market to them as the organiser, or as an exhibitor, you need to give them something that suits the event. For example, it might not work offering Comic Con-goers vouchers for money off tyres but a Walking Dead USB stick? Now you’re talking.

You would also need to demonstrate why and how your offer (whether event-only or not) may be worth any effort that the customer has to put in. Every event professional will have learned the hard way how reluctant people can be to part with their email addresses. Even in these days of state of the art spam filtering and multiple accounts.

It’s also important to remember that neither you nor the event-goer is likely to have much spare time. You haven’t got time to be pitching offers and sign-ups and they haven’t got time to be weighing up what they want to commit to.

However, you should remember that everyone with that guest badge is still a potential repeat customer. Here are a few tactics to consider in reaching out to them:

  • Work those channels

The best way to reach people at an event, is without a doubt, through the event-specific media channels they will be using. But as the notion of ‘interruption’ becomes more popular, it may also be worth considering using the usual media channels users consume while at the event.

  • Targeted Advertising

Every event these days has a website, a web page hosted elsewhere or even a bespoke app. This can put your advertising in a time and place when consumers are without a doubt, very warm to it.

  • Sponsorship

As well as the all-important screens we all now whip out at the drop of a hat, there are also old-fashioned native advertising opportunities through sponsoring the event. Again this will further enhance your reputation to event-goers in ‘receive mode’. There’s a lot of banner space at events and ways of using it are becoming more sophisticated all the time.

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