09 Jan

3 Event Ways An Event Planner Can Keep Up With the Times in 2017

IT’S 2017 and …


…like an old love, there are just some things that you can’t let go. And unlike that love of your life who has somehow let go, your old school ways of bringing your events to the consciousness of everyone is something that you have a hard time parting ways with.

But wait, you may be able to save that old mailing format of yours or that brochure that you’ve designed ages ago.

There just may be a way to find value in practices that event marketing professionals have long thought invaluable and ineffective. Here are 3 of some old school marketing practices that can still be of use after an upgrade is made.

Word of Mouth

People are natural speakers. They will talk about things that they like or are excited about and will naturally share it to others within their circle. According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), a US based trade association dedicated to word of mouth and social media marketing that was founded in 2004, 13% of consumer sales are driven by WOM while it also amplifies by 15% the effects of paid media.

The organization talks about making brands “TALKABLE”, that is, having them spark conversations with customers, having them share their experience with others and having this process repeated with every interaction. Events can also benefit from this as making people LOVE your activity and talk about them incessantly will definitely bring in the people.

Today’s WOM should be focused on “connecting” rather than “collecting”. Your status, tweets, and pins about your events should encourage discussion. By having someone reply to inquiries or just comment to someone’s tweet will definitely start conversations that will have people talking about your next event. Give them different means to be able to talk and share details about your event. Make the information SOCIAL so that people start buzzing about it.

Direct Mail

Remember those envelopes that you got in your mailbox? Those things that have countless pamphlets and brochures trying to tell you how fabulous their product is. While you’re at it, a purchase within a set time may get you something extra.

As defined, Direct Mail is a marketing effort that uses mail services to deliver printed materials to your target audience. A lot of marketers have left this method because “PRINT IS DEAD” with the rise of social media.

Not if the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has anything to say about it. The DMA is a trade association founded in 1989 that seeks to advance all forms of direct marketing. They believe that print is not dead but has declined in volume in the past 10 years. While online marketing is generally low-cost, low-impact and passive, direct mail is high-cost, high-impact and active. Complimented by online efforts, direct marketing does its job well.

Now, is DM something we can let go of? A lot of marketers still say no but it can be innovated on by a number of things. Think outside the box. There are many technologies that are now printable on paper. Send a new kind of paper, use new ink, form it into a new shape. Make it interactive. Take a look at this campaign that was sent out for World Water Day.

Speaking at Events

Event professionals are great public speakers. They are able to get onto the stage and talk, sometimes even at a moment’s notice. It would definitely be a part of the deal to promote your own events when you are given the opportunity to talk especially when the occasion allows for you to promote your own event.

Speaking opportunities are a great way to connect with people and other professionals. This allows you to expand your network.
Now, what if you don’t have an event where you can talk? You weren’t asked to take the microphone and deliver something. Produce your own speaking events by creating webinars and podcasts.

Keeping content a secret may not bring in people. Why buy something that you don’t know what you’re getting? Instead, why not have prospective attendees of your event have a “taste” of what’s to come? That will definitely make them want more.

There are a number of inexpensive webinar providers such as WebinarJam which help you to create professionally produced webinars. There are, of course, the standard providers such as GoToWebinar and WebEx if you would prefer tried and trusted names. On the other hand, Audacity is a popular tool to create podcasts among many that are either inexpensive or free.

So there. 3 marketing practices that may bring more traction to your next event. There are much more out there, maybe some that you’re still using. If it still works, there may be no need to fix it but it may be the time that you considered an update in your strategies, just to keep up with the times.

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