03 Jun

The Top 10 Things You Learn From Your Event Planning Mistakes

Event Planning – Learn to Love Your Mistakes

It’s great when an event goes off without a hitch—but let’s be real, how often does that ever happen? Not often. There are inevitable roadblocks that will pop up and force you to deviate from your path to success.

Event companies in London, New York, Sydney, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between understand the mantra: “stuff happens.” The best companies are the ones who learn to turn negatives into positives.

Here are 10 important lessons to remember as you roll along through your event planning process. Some might seem rather obvious, but worth a friendly reminder…

1. You learn something new

Whatever you did wrong, you are unlikely to make that mistake again, right? You take what you learned, process it and move on. You remember the bad stuff to create the good stuff.

2. You deepen your knowledge

Whatever went wrong, you’ll find out what it was. You’ll harvest knowledge from that, which with any luck will stop you doing it again.

3. You learn something about our own skill set

Learning what you’ve haven’t got or what you can’t do (yet) is just as valuable as knowing what skills you do have. It means you can focus on what you need to learn.

4. You learn what matters and what doesn’t

Not all mistakes end up in disaster. Sometimes a mistake will show you a better way or show you that you may even have been right all along. But you can’t sit on the fence. You only learn by doing.

5. You are reminded that you are human

Remember those variables? It’s no bad thing to be reminded that you can make mistakes and that mistakes make you human. It helps remind you that human beings are by nature collaborative and that asking for help can be a good thing.

6. You are reminded to stay grounded

That reminder that you are human also keeps you grounded. This makes you a better leader and or team member because you will rely on other people to help your decision-making.

7. You are reminded that you never stop learning

‘Win, draw or learn’ my football coach used to tell me. Losing or making mistakes are just different ways of learning. If you want to keep growing you must keep learning.

8. You learn that circumstances always change, however subtly

It doesn’t matter how many times you have done the same thing, those pesky variables will always be there. The tiniest change in timing or personnel or structure can make a previous successful decision into a wrong one.

9. You learn to experiment

If you’ve made a mistake, it is entirely possible that you might not immediately know how to correct it. So you have to try something new. Experimenting and taking chances makes you creative and makes you a better learner.

10. You learn resilience

Remember Chumbawamba’s dad dance classic ‘I get knocked down but I get up again’? That’s pretty good advice, isn’t it? If you make a few mistakes you soon learn that it need not be the end of the world or even the end of your project. Mistakes make you strong enough to keep trying.

And finally, most importantly of all:


You learn to make better choices.

You can only make your best decisions when you are fully armed to make your best choices.

When you are resilient, ready to experiment, grounded, prepared to ask for help and aware that you are always learning, you’ll be at your best.

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